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East Bavaria – in the heart of Central Europe

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East Bavaria, with its Bavarian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Bavarian Jura, Bavarian Golf and Spa Country as well as its towns, offers a great deal of variety for visitors in a charming region full of nature and culture.


East Bavaria's four touristic regions The Upper Palatinate Forest: an old, cultural landscape long Goldsteig trail crosses the Upper Palatinate Forest as well as the Bavarian Forest. Located near the Czech border and thus in the vicinity of the Czech spa towns Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně, Sibyllenbad is the only spa and health resort in the Upper Palatinate Forest which is famous for its natural radon and carbon dioxide springs. The Bärnau-Tachov history park is a unique museum in Bavaria. In this special archaeological open-air museum, visitors can experience medieval life from the 9th to the 13th centuries with all their senses. Old palaces and castles, baroque pilgrimage churches and monasteries bear witness to the historical significance of the Upper Palatinate Forest. Emperor Karl IV and trading caravans regularly travelled along the “Golden Road” between Nuremberg and Prague. Castles and guarded stop-off points secured the route, on which valuable goods were frequently transported. You can still spot the age-old paths today. The Upper Palatinate Forest is extremely interesting in terms of its geology, since several mountains were previously volcanoes, and you can also still see the basalt cones. Furthermore, the deepest borehole in the world, with a depth of over 9000 m, can be found in Windischeschenbach. In the Upper Palatinate Lake District, where there is a concentration of smaller lakes, you can also have a go at all different types of water sports such as sailing, surfing or water skiing. The longest certified hiking trail in Germany, the The Golden Road: 1 The deepest borehole in Windischeschenbach: 2 Upper Palatinate Lake District: Goldsteig trail: 3 Sibyllenbad spa: 4 Bärnau-Tachov history park: 10

1 Information center of the deepest borehole, Windischeschenbach 3 2 Upper Palatinate Lake District view on former vulcanoes Sibyllenbad spa 11

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