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East Bavaria – in the heart of Central Europe

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East Bavaria, with its Bavarian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Bavarian Jura, Bavarian Golf and Spa Country as well as its towns, offers a great deal of variety for visitors in a charming region full of nature and culture.


East Bavaria's four touristic regions The Bavarian Jura: formerly a sea today a rocky karst landscape and a wealth of limestone caves 200 million years ago, forces of nature left behind a rather special landscape in the heart of Bavaria: the Bavarian Jura. The traces of this former Jurassic Sea, which existed there for millions of years, are somewhat overwhelming for present-day observers: imposing rock formations and picturesque moorland grazed by sheep with delicate orchids and mystical limestone caves are typical for a karst landscape. Rivers meander through mighty rock faces, castles and palaces dominate the view. A journey through the Bavarian Jura is like a trip into many different worlds: in the history of our earth, in the underworld, in increasingly rare plant and animal kingdoms. Particularly sensational is a boat trip through the narrow and rocky Danube Gorge, one of the most beautiful and impressive sections of the c. 2800-kilometre-long River Danube. The final destination of the boat trip, which leaves from Kelheim, is Weltenburg Abbey, an old Benedictine monastery with a wonderful, baroque church and also the home of the oldest monastery brewery in the world. 1 Danube boat trip: 2 Weltenburg Abbey: 14

2 Weltenburg Abbey 1 Danube Gorge 15

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