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East Bavaria – in the heart of Central Europe

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East Bavaria, with its Bavarian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Bavarian Jura, Bavarian Golf and Spa Country as well as its towns, offers a great deal of variety for visitors in a charming region full of nature and culture.


Towns in East Bavaria High above Landshut: Trausnitz Castle Landshut The ducal town of Landshut emphasises its Mediterranean character with lots of flair and charm, priding itself on being both lively and romantic for shopping and culture lovers alike. Landshut is famous for the faithful re-enactment of the wedding between Duke George the Rich and Polish Princess Hedwig Jagiellonica in 1475, the so-called “Royal Wedding of Landshut”. The Royal Wedding of Landshut takes place every four years and is the greatest historical performance in Europe, with over 2,000 actors! The highest brick tower in the world, the spire of the Church of St Martin, towers over the delightful, pleasant scenery of the historic Old Town. At a height of over 130 metres, it even outdoes Trausnitz Castle, which overlooks the city. The town of Landshut is only about half an hour away from Munich Airport. Royal Wedding of Landshut View over the Old Town 32

Distances to airports Frankfurt Regensburg: c. 330 km Munich Regensburg: c. 114 km Prague Regensburg: c. 260 km Vienna Regensburg: c. 420 km Frankfurt Passau: c. 444 km Munich Passau: c. 160 km Prague Passau: c. 230 km Vienna Passau: c. 307 km 33

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