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East Bavaria – in the heart of Central Europe

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East Bavaria, with its Bavarian Forest, Upper Palatinate Forest, Bavarian Jura, Bavarian Golf and Spa Country as well as its towns, offers a great deal of variety for visitors in a charming region full of nature and culture.

Topics: History Prunn

Topics: History Prunn Castle over the valley of the river Altmühl The Baroque period and castles Baroque fortresses and churches, medieval castles and many historical buildings can be found throughout East Bavaria. The Walhalla close to Regensburg was built by King Ludwig I of Bavaria and contains numerous statues of significant figures in German history. In memory of the battles won against the French military leader Napoleon, the Hall of Liberation, which towers over the River Danube, was erected in the 19th century at Kelheim. Waldsassen Abbey and Metten Abbey are both famous for their magnificent monastic libraries. You can admire impressive baroque churches at Osterhofen Abbey, at Weltenburg Abbey and in the Old Chapel (Alte Kapelle) in Regensburg. It is possible to get a picture of what medieval life was like in many of the historical castles. 2 Hall of Liberation, Kelheim 1 2 Walhalla: englisch/palace/index.htm 3 Waldsassen Abbey: 4 Metten Abbey: 5 Baroque church in Weltenburg Abbey: a-short-guide-to-weltenburg 6 Baroque church in the Old Chapel: Baroque church in Osterhofen Abbey: 42

Topics: New experiences … 1 Learning to ski Do it yourself Blow your own glass ball, make your own Weißwurst (sausage), learn to brew beer, ski or canoe. All this and much, much more can be experienced during a stay in East Bavaria! Here, you can gather many different experiences and show all of your family and friends what you have experienced and achieved in Eastern Bavaria. Some examples: • Blow glass at JOSKA Kristall in Bodenmais • Make your own Weißwurst at the Weißwurstakademie in Neumarkt • Complete a beer brewing course at the Spitalbrauerei in Regensburg • Take part in skiing and canoeing courses at Schneider Events in Regen in the Bavarian Forest 2Blowing your own glass ball 3 Making your own sausage 1 JOSKA Kristall: 3 Spitalbrauerei: 2 Weißwurstakademie: Schneider Events: 43

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